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drones in coNSTRUCTION

CloudDeck Media provides real time visual and non-visual inspection capabilities to construction projects of any size or complexity. We offer precise elevation data, contour lines, surveys, 3D models, and repeatable photography and videography from precise vantage points.

What Can A Drone Do For Your Construction Project?

Surveys, Showing Clients the Progress, Monitoring Job Sites, Inspecting Structures, Better Safety Records, Keeping the Project On Track and On Budget

Public Agency

Public Agency

public agency

Public agencies (cities & counties, fire, police & emergency management departments) are acquiring drones to serve citizens during routine and emergency situations. Every agency will need FAA authorization, and CloudDeck Media can help attain that. Whether it's a certificate of authorization (COA), waiver, equipment registration, training syllabus or logs, ours have all been approved by FAA.

CloudDeck will also help you select, purchase, equip and deploy off-the-shelf, ready-to-fly drones to meet your specific needs, with unlimited options for future support. This equipment uses wildly available and proven parts, accessories and software designed for simple upgrades and immediate implementation. 

We will also create a training and operations program for your personnel that meets all FAA requirements. In many instances, this program will eliminate the need for your personnel to obtain FAA commercial licenses. 

CloudDeck Media can create a specific COA to meet all current and foreseeable needs of a city, including police, fire and public safety.


Civic Support

Extreme Weather is practically an everyday occurrence in Oklahoma. New technologies are critical for monitoring and response. Commercial drones are an essential tool for disaster relief without endangering human life. Real-time visual information during and after a disaster, provides aid in missions that was previously impossible. Images and video can establish target areas so that relief work can begin as soon as possible.

Fire Support

Firefighters risk their lives everyday to save others. Drones can provide real-time analysis of the operational situation from above, creating an overview that provides crews with the knowledge they need to safely analyze a building's structural stability or the parameters of a fire and the direction it is moving. This analysis can help avoid collapses, pinpoint the best areas for targeted response and eliminate other potential risks and wasted resources.

Police Support

Police, in their efforts to protect and serve, put themselves in the line of fire on a regular basis. Whether its missing persons, vehicular accidents, crowd or riot control, tactical planning and support, police need the help of drones. For the safety of human life, drones provide an eye from the sky with real-time information. This birds eye view allows the police to make quick and specific decisions for a targeted response that is both safe and effective.