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CloudDeck Media has all licenses for commercial drone operations, day or night. We operate aerial cameras, shoot ground and interior photography and video, and create custom, professional audio-video products to meet any need, with audio tracks, voice-overs & graphics. We carry $1 million in CGL insurance.


We are the best at photographing commercial buildings, regardless of location or purpose. Whether a downtown high-rise, a medical center, a sensitive research park or around helipads, we create incomparable images for your board room, annual report, marketing piece or website.


We combine aerial video, CAD, and CGI to show your proposed building in the world around it. During construction we’ll shoot progressive photography, create 2D and 3D models, generate 360 degree panoramas and time-lapse videos, and perform inspections and punchlist the building.


The fastest, safest and most cost-effective inspections are done by drone. Whether a transmission line, wind turbine, broadcast tower, cell stations reduce cost, time and risks to personnel.



We have assisted in emergencies, agency responses and investigations. We can operate on behalf of you public agency, or help select the right equipment, train your personnel and prepare your FAA applications. We have the experience and competence to operate safely and effectively during emergencies.


We have worked for numerous media organizations in covering breaking news, disasters & industry stories. We’ve transmitted live video for network TV broadcast, and provided B-roll and specific footage for feature reporting.


We understand photography, videography and cinematography, and can create dramatic visual pieces to suit your needs. At large events we safely operate around large groups of people, helping convey your organization’s impact to the rest of the world.